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Robert Arrington
Photography, Encaustic Mixed Media, Jewelry

El Nicho Folk Artist Spotlight

Willow, Robert Arrington
Many Goat's Son, by Robert Arrington
Silversmith's Daughter, by Robert Arrington
Hattie Tom, by Robert Arrington
Chief of the Desert, by Robert Arrington
Hopi Angel, by Robert Arrington

From the Last Frontier

to the Land of Enchantment


With deep roots in New Mexico, photographer Robert Arrington holds a special place in his heart for the Land of Enchantment. His mother's family grew up in Southern New Mexico and his great-grandmother was a member of the Isleta Pueblo. Robert has traveled all over the world as a photographer and his journeys have taken him to exciting destinations such as Africa, Peru, the Galapagos, Tahiti, Italy, Iceland and the United Kingdom. For 14 years, Robert made his home in Alaska and enjoyed success as a  fine art photographer in the Last Frontier, where his work is featured in prestigious art galleries throughout the State. Robert and husband Terry now reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Living in Santa Fe has inspired Robert to begin new explorations of art, including mixed media projects, AI and digital art and a line of therapeutic and aromatherapy jewelry designed for the spiritually conscious. Many of his pieces are also available at El Nicho.  

Robert is also the photographer and web designer for El Nicho. His fine art photography of New Mexico is now available for purchase at El Nicho. for more information visit

Arrington Remembrance
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