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Traditional Acoma Pottery

by Lisa Little, Acoma Pueblo 

The Acoma Pueblo of New Mexico is the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the United States. Hundreds of years of tradition has been forged in this little village in the sky. These mini Acoma pottery pieces are all hand made by Acoma artist Lisa Little using traditional clay and clay paints. Each piece is unique and no two pieces are the same. These are authentic Native American made items from the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. 

El Nicho has a great collection of Native American folk art from New Mexican artists and pueblos.  We buy directly from the Native American artists ensuring that all pieces are authentic and made available at excellent prices. That means more profits go directly the artist, positively impacting their economic well-being.  

Native American Folk Art

New Creations Sandstone Fetish Carvings 

by Richard "Thurd-Shun" Abeita, Isleta Pueblo 

Richard Abeita is most known for his talent in detailed sculpting. He expresses himself through his work by creating various expressions on his fetish sculptures. 


Richard is a proud member of Isleta Pueblo. He was born in 1972 and begin sculpting at the age of 12, under the guidance of his father. However it wasn’t until the age of 18 that Richard became interested in a career as an artist, and began participating in art shows in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona,.


Today Richard’s sculptures are displayed in private collections, galleries, and museums throughout the United States and abroad. Richard maintains his studio in Isleta, New Mexico where he resides with his son Terrence.

Navajo and Hopi Kachinas

by Loretta Multine, Navajo Nation

Sylvia Charly, Navajo Nation

Glendoria Yazzie, Hopi Nation


El Nicho has a unique collection of Authentic Navajo and Hopi kachinas. Each piece is hand carved with real feathers, leather and color sashes. The details are incredible!


Acoma Pottery
Isleta Fetishes
Navajo & Hopi Kachinas
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