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Peter Ray James
Navajo Sprit Animal Artist

El Nicho Folk Artist Spotlight


Braiding Generations of Love

James is a 1984 honors graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has also attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City.


James introduced his work to the competitive Indian Art world in

the spring of 1988. Since then he has sold a little over 1200 masks and 900 canvases.


Peter's Spirit Animal collection features numerous Native American totems in a variety of shapes and sizes. The totems are made from heavy-duty canvas cloth and hand-painted in a variety of beautiful desert colors and decorated with Native American symbols. Each piece is finished with natural willow branches gathered from the New Mexico wilderness. They are perfect for wall hangings and make great Christmas ornaments. 

Peter Ray James, Navajo Sprit Animal Artist

"I am known among my Navajo people as Nahat'a Yilth Yil, Wood One, who delivers the message." It is my Navajo name that braids many generations of prayers, symbolism, tradition, honor, knowledge, and love. I truly believe my destiny is to be a storyteller through my artistic endeavors. I am always honored and respectful to represent my family name in my homeland and abroad.

"Art is my life, life is art. There is no other way to live among the spiritual beings in this world except to create art for reverence and posterity. My Navajo tradition is a path abounding with power and energy. I am enriching my life with remembrance. This is my artistic individualism on a spiritual path and a powerful tradition in transition".

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